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Friday, September 20, 2013

Time to focus on our great country.

Putin has more managerial talent than all the leaders of American combined. He is not creating money so there is no inflation, he has improved living conditions in Russia and he is not sending his people to other countries to die.

We are the greatest country in the world by a wide margin mostly because of the strength of our military and the strength of our 3600 four year colleges and universities. But that is going to unravel if we cannot manage our own domestic world better. 

We just dont have the resources to go off to war anymore. We have to work with the rest of the world.

This country would be a lot better off if our President and Congress had the managerial skills of Putin. 

The actions of McCain are a disgrace because he has no skills whatsoever to manage. Neither does Obama.

You lose your right to police the world if you cant figure out how to keep your own world in order. This means you use your assets efficiently, reduce fraud and corruption, and work on benefits for your own people. We just cant take care of 7 billion people in the world and need to focus on the 300 million people living in the US.

Our time is running out. Our assets and resources are running out. McCain should focus on his own country and take care of us. He is mindlessly ruining us with his focus on Putin and Syria. 

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