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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Re: South Caroliniana Library in HABS

graham arader Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 12:15 PM
To: "FULMER, HENRY" , Tom McNally , "SUDDUTH, ELIZABETH" , "PASTIDES, HARRIS" , Patricia Moore-Pastides

Wonderful to hear from you Henry

HABS (Historic Architectural Building Survey) was founded in 1933 as you know
I thought only 5 buildings a year were selected that year for the pilot program.
At least that is what Charlie Peterson told me in the Summer of 1971
when he personally told me the story of how he persuaded Franklin
Roosevelt to start the program for out of work architects devastated
by the depression.  We were all having a picnic with my girl friend in
Fairmount Park in Philadelphia as I remember very clearly.

I met him through my girl friend, Jeannie Parker, at Yale who was very
interested in architectural restoration at the time.  She was doing a
Summer internship with him after my father, then the secretary of
Commerce for the State of Pennsylvania, found a way to support
Professor Peterson's programs with a state grant.  He was the founder
of the School of Architectural Preservation at Columbia University.
Jeannie's father was manipulated into allowing his daughter to stay in
my parent's home while she was studying under him.  This made for a
most satisfying summer for me indeed.  Her father's searing hatred for
me as a result of this subterfuge reached the temperature of the
surface of the Sun.

When I started doing my research on your building, I was extremely
pleased to see that it had been drawn in 1933.  My assumption was that
it was one of the first five buildings selected by Professor Peterson
and Franklin Roosevelt at the very start of the program.

You would be kind to correct me if I am wrong.

In closing allow me to congratulate you on being the Director of the
South Caroliniana Library at this critical time in its distinguished
You can be absolutely assured of my enduring support for all of your
decisions.  This is the most exciting news for me this year.

Truly and fondly,


On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 11:48 AM, FULMER, HENRY <FULMERH@mailbox.sc.edu> wrote:
> Graham,
> It was great to see you again at the Ex Libris Society dinner last week. Tom McNally and I have been doing some investigation since, per your suggestion, in HABS and related materials, and I am specifically trying to track down your reference to the South Caroliniana Library building having been ranked at that time as one of the five most significant public buildings to be preserved in the United States. Can you help me with a source for that detail? I know, of course, about HABS on the Library of Congress website.
> Thanks for your enthusiasm and support.
> Best,
> Henry
> Henry G. Fulmer, Director
> South Caroliniana Library
> University of South Carolina
> Columbia, SC 29208
> 803-777-5746
> 803-777-5747 (fax)

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