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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Jeff Leving's gift to the University of South Carolina


Re: Thank you for the catalogue descriptions

graham arader Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 2:50 AM
To: "GRUNER, DEREK" , Jeffery Leving ,
Dear Derek

Yours is the letter below that is a dream come true for me.  To have a
sophisticated, talented, experienced, diligent architect such as
yourself say such kind works about this gift to Mary Anne Fitzgerald's
"Petigru" means the world to me.

You are the confirmation that the fine students at the University of
South Carolina will appreciate and be inspired by fine art embedded
into their lives just like they will with Darla's spectacular,
architectural masterpiece.  The sum total of this focus on design
excellence will be a school that its students will cherish even more
for their whole lives.

Harris and Tom havwe been wise to delegate and inspire us to achieve
these goals.

I am including Jeff Leving in this correspondence because the
Thorntons and the Piranesi's come from his distinguished collection.
Again we are lucky to have him on board!

Your enduring elegance and thoughtful communications are a highlight
of my life Derek.  Thank you.



On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 9:57 PM, GRUNER, DEREK <DGRUNER@fmc.sc.edu> wrote:
> Graham,
> I went to Petigru today to see the Thornton engravings.  I can use no other word to describe their impact other than  "astonishing".  I intend to return often as once artistic images burn their presence into my mind, as these have, it becomes like an addiction to return.  The meticulous brush strokes on the leaves are passionate and evocative.  I find as I get older the endless beauty that man has created, and is capable of creating, is all the more disarming.  I suppose it is because as we are exposed to more senselessness in the world the juxtaposition of such artistic expression both soothes and confounds.
> As for the Piranesi's, I am beyond excited.  I have admired his engravings for  25 years.  My interest in architecture was naively ignited because of my drafting ability at an early age.  Piranesi's detail and exquisite line work is endlessly fascinating to examine.  His skies are like no other's.  I am moved by your thoughtfulness conveyed through this gesture and I am sincerely grateful.
> With Kind Regard,
> Derek

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