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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Look around you and see what he has wrought. Some thoughts about Michael Bloomberg and the future.

The market cap of the New York Times is one tenth the net worth of the Mayor, my next door neighbor.

The bunglers running the Times seethe every minute of every day that they have been eclipsed by a news organization called "Bloomberg." Even more the NYT stock is 30% of what it was 10 years ago. 

How can one expect that the Times can possibly be fair or reasonable in a city that lives for numbers. They have been bested - completely and brutally by the news organization that he owns. No way they can be expected to act responsibly or professionally in the face of such overwhelming humiliation. 

Michael Bloomberg long ago eclipsed William Donald Schaefer as the greatest mayor in all of American History. PERIOD. Any one who has to "argue" this with silly statistics must be blind. You just have to look in ALL five boroughs to see how much better everything is. This city is the best in the world by a very wide margin because of Michael Bloomberg.

Hopefully this new guy - DeBasio - will not ruin everything that has been done just like Kurt Schmoke did to Baltimore when he took over from Schaefer. He tore everything down that Schaefer built and Baltimore is now again a third rate town, Let us pray that this is not DeBasio's legacy.

So far it looks like it is going to be

DeBasio's rhetoric almost matches Schmoke's word for word. It is shocking. 

What a tragedy that this will probably happen.

And to think that my young children dont even know what a squeegee is. My bet is that they will learn and soon.

Graham Arader

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