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Friday, December 20, 2013

Not many people are this cool.

right as Governor Milton Shapp was about to step down, my father decided to host a
huge fundraiser for Dick Thornberg who later became Governor.

Somehow George Ross, then a partner at Goldman Sachs was put at a table with the people from all the
financial firms then prominent in Philadelphia.  The wives were there.

So all during the meal, George is smiling and being nice to everyone
that came up to him to pay respect and say hello.  But no one came up
to the other bankers.  NOTHING.

George is keeping his cool and being friendly to everyone.

So around desert one of the bankers cant take it anymore.  He explodes
and says to George, "You cocksucker, mother fucker Jew.  If you think
you are going to roll over me with Thornburg you are out of your
fucking mind."   With that he grabs his wife and leaves the table.

Now for the best part:

George's expression does not change even slightly.  NOTHING NOTHING
NOTHING.  It was like the the guy never said it.  It was like he never
existed.  It was beautiful.  He just went on eating his dessert and
talking to Lynn, his wife.  It was a great show.

Well, when my father heard what happened, he told me that 8 years
earlier when everyone was making financial presentations to the him in
Harrisburg, that George gave $100 to all the cab drivers at the train
station and airport to take the day off.  This guy was one of the
people who never made the meeting.

My father loved this story but also said that the Goldman Sachs
execution and service was vastly superior to anyone else at the time

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