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Monday, January 27, 2014

Report on auction sale at Arader Galleries on January 25, 2014 and notice of upcoming sale on April 5, 2014 at 1016 Madison Avenue

Arader Galleries auction this weekend of Audubon's magnificent aquatints of Birds and lithographs of Animals was a triumph.

With all  lots with estimates less than $10,000 sold WITHOUT RESERVE, and conservative estimates on some of Audubon’s most popular images, the
bidding in the room, on the phone and via the internet was spirited, with collectors buying masterpieces at healthy but competitive prices.

Audubon’s plate number 1, the iconic Male Turkey, sold for $91,500, and his mate, the Female Turkey from the rare Lizars edition made $73,200.  The highest achieving lot of the auction was the now extinct Carolina Parrot at $128,100. But probably the best value was the Great Blue Heron at $122,000, surely Audubon’s most enduring image, a true
synthesis of art and nature, which Mr. Arader has often parted with for double that amount.

Other notable achievers were: a fine Virginia Partridge, with desirable wide margins and deckled edges, at $79,300; the Great White Heron with Key West in the background at $85,400; the Canvas Backed Duck with Baltimore in the background at $54,900; the  Whooping Crane at $61,000; and the very fine, richly coloured Common American Swann
at $73,200. Of the ‘Quadrepeds’, the Grey Fox made $30,500 and the Racoon $12,200.  But the bargain of the day must have been the Male Buffalo which sold for $15,860.

As with previous Arader auctions, the sale itself was preceded by a number of celebratory events. On this occasion these included a visit from the administrators and
supporters of Coastal Carolina University. Mr. Arader announced his $1,000,000 commitment to provide natural history artwork that will provide the foundation for a teaching program at the University.

"The only way to change the future is to inspire the youth, and what better way than to show them beautiful art and allow them to appreciate it, and thus want to conserve it and
nature. I can think of no greater legacy than making that happen" - 

Just sent to me by Ernie Lewis, the principle Atmospheric Scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratory on hearing of this gift.

Celebrated artist, Walton Ford, made a guest appearance paying his respect to one of his inspirations - the iconography of John James Audubon at a book signing event organized by Benedict Taschen, founder of Taschen Books, the leading publisher of color plate books in the world today.

Arader Galleries next auction will be on April 5th, and will include another fine selection of the iconic images of John James Audubon, a 100 lots of maps and plates that relate to each of the states of our precious United States, the greatest country in the world with our 3600 four year colleges that represent man's finest accomplishment.

Highlights will include the Lizars edition of the Male Turkey, the Havell edition of the Female Turkey, the Jer Falcon, the Trumpeter Swann, the Osprey and a fine set of Audubon's first octavo edition of the Birds of America.

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