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Monday, January 27, 2014

The top aquatints of birds of John James Audubon

Here are the top Audubons that I can think of right now:

1. Male Turkey - most famous
2. Great Blue Heron - most desirable and probably most beautiful and
certainly most asked for and best icon.
3. Turkey Hen -  best combination of a icon and a composition
4. Wood Duck - Greatest Composition
5. Virginia Partridge - best action.  People in TX have to have this one
because the Hawk in the picture kills their calves.  
6. Great White Heron - best one with a view, amazing neck.  Ronald Regan's favorite.
7. Canvas Backed Duck - great view of Baltimore and 3rd best duck.  Ronald Regan's 2nd favorite
8. Common American Swann - simply beautiful.
9. Brown Pelican - sitting - this is the most desired bird for many collectors.
10. White Pelican - best icon. #3 pair with the standing Brown Pelican
11. Brown Pelican - standing - top 5 of the icons. 
12. Trumpeter Swann - Mature - beautiful and goes amazingly well with
13. Common American Swann.  4th best pair and 2nd best group of three with the other two swann.
14. Meadowlark - top three composition.  Don Kennedy's (President of
Stanford) favorite.  the official state bird for many states.
15. Hooping crane - top 10 of the icons,  Favorite bird of the Midwest
because so much money has been spent to preserve it.  It is called the
Sand Hill Crane today.
16. Jer Falcon - tie for best bird of prey.
17. Snowy Owl - tie for second place for best bird of prey and with the
Jer Falcon.  Best pair is Male Turkey and Great Blue Heron.  The other
great pair are the standing brown pelican and the White Pelican.
This also the favorite of the richest Audubon collector.  She has bought 4 from me that she gives as gifts!
18. Osprey - best bird in flight.  extremely desirable.  Men go crazy
because they see Osprey's catching fish just like the image in this
19. Carolina Parrot. - second best composition
20. Snowy Egret - hardest to find by far.  Owners just never want to sell it.
21. Flamingo - #2 icon.
22. Roseate Spoonbill - #4 icon and Lauren Bacall's favorite
23. Mallard - second best duck
24. Canada Goose - top ten icon.
25. Long Billed Curlew - great icon.  Charleston in background.  A most own for anyone from South Carolina.  Regan loved this one.

There are a few mone but this give a pretty good idea.

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