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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Charles Koch, America's Richest Man Complains in the WSJ about Croynism in the US Goverment. MY RESPONSE

Your whole company would be nothing without the military systems in place in our country that protect your ability to do business in a country that makes up 5% of the world population and uses 40% of the world's natural resources which you sell.

So our exalted way of life in this country and you, more than anyone else in the United States, do well because our military makes it possible to stuff our vision down the throats of the rest of the world.

And that means YOUR benefit from our government is greater than for anyone else who has ever lived. YOU YOU YOU received more than anyone on Wall Steet or GM or anywhere else.

If our military wasn't stuffing Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq the price of oil would be $30 a barrel at best. Who benefits from this more than YOU???????????????

So that makes your business the biggest beneficiary of the US government.

Shame on you for your one sided, myopic, misanthropic views.

We are all lucky as hell to live in this country and however members of Congress and the President decide to help others that does not change the fact that you are the biggest beneficiary of us all.

Your bellyaching about others who get "breaks" from government is pathetic.

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