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Saturday, March 22, 2014

A serious threat to the United States and other other countries of the world - not even being noticed

This whole BITCOIN movement is a threat to the governments of the world who rely on 7b people believing in THEIR currency as the primary units of exchange. When these virtual currencies get too big, governments will come to their senses and close them down.

If I were an Iranian terrorist, creating virtual, non-governmental currencies would be the most powerful weapon for me to use to destroy Western democracies. It is a shock to me that the FED is allowing this to go even this far. These exchanges should be closed down now so that the FED will have free reign to create and inflate their own units of exchange. This is a great hidden tax in America today - creating money and thus inflation to fund government spending.

Virtual currencies are a serious threat to our way of life and should not be allowed under any circumstances.

They need to be killed off now before this gets out of hand.

The Department of the Treasury, the Fed and Congress are asleep to let this occur. 

Graham Arader

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