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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

An amazing man - my friend, Alan Ripka.

One good part of being so flawed is that when someone comes along that
lives well, it is especially (sometimes painfully) clear.  Alan Ripka
just seems to do everything right as a father, husband, lawyer, man,
friend, adviser.  But most spectacularly he is the planet's greatest
negotiator. The results are amazing - he has just won $800,000,000
from the city in an asbestos litigation for the world trade center
workers, his daughter, Athena, is a Broadway, recording, music video
and utube star and his son is the best 17 and under squash player in
the world.

Alan combines firmness, love, intelligence, deep respect for his wife,
humor and hands off in consistently effective ways so that his
children grow and prosper.

If there was a way to truly understand this and make it a template to
be emulated that would be great.  But this can never be because no one
else has the inner strength that he has.  But, how great it would be
if it could be.

This has been something I have been watching closely for ten years and
still - just perfect all the time.  Amazing.

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