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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ukraine - who is to blame for this conflict. A response to a WSJ article blaming Putin for the current crisis.

Our CIA blew this.

What is disgraceful is that some WSJ writer is putting his name on a piece written by a CIA operative trying to save his job. Shame on the writer for being a hack. And shame on the CIA for not firing the division that screwed this up. Putin has every right to be mad as hell at what the CIA did. Yes, Putin is a monster for his methods but this time he has every right to be enraged.  The CIA spent 5 billion of our taxpayers money overthrowing the duly elected President of the Ukraine who happened to be pro Russian.

What is darker is that the US defense industry is probably behind these actions of the CIA to keep their appropriations from being cut by the US government.

Obama does not have the strength of character to see and understand this and will be tricked into taking money away from the real problems in the United States - education - and spending it on weapons.

The US just is not rich or powerful enough anymore to be able to get involved with the Ukraine. We need to back off and let Europe handle this. The problems of the United States are at home with our broken educational systems and our poor - not with Putin.

It is tragic that a very well meaning President of the United States is being so thoroughly gamed.

Graham Arader

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