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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

An E-mail Advocating the Librarians of the World

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From: "graham arader" <grahamarader@gmail.com>
Date: Jun 19, 2014 3:52 PM
Subject: Librarians of the world - FIGHT BACK

Five times the USE of University Libraries was denigrated in the
highest grossing movie in the United States this week - "22 Jump

Someone involved with this movie had an agenda to make this point.  It
was shocking to me that this "lack of value" could be so strongly
stated so many times in such an idiotic film.

Now that the power of "google" and the "internet" over American
Libraries is an embedded part of the American Culture, it is time to
demonstrate use aggressively.

One worthwhile consideration is the use of artwork on display with
compelling signage to teach and inspire students in Libraries, Museums
and Classrooms on America's 3600 four year educational institutions.

Arader Galleries' success at the University of South Carolina, the
University of Florida, the University of Tennesse, the University of
California at Irvine, Prescott College, Northeastern University,
Franklin College has been deeply meaningful for all of us here.

Your support of these programs is deeply appreciated and valued.

Thank you,

Graham Arader

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