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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Putin - why he is going to win.

Some thoughts about Putin:

The "managers" Putin is competing with are Barack Obama and John
Kerry.  But NOT NOT NOT Hilary Clinton.  She clearly is gone.  Now we
KNOW that Hilary has never had a original idea in her head.  She ONLY
does what Bill Clinton says.  NOW Bill Clinton was a GENIUS manager.
The US did great for the 8 years that we was president because he
could MANAGE. So while Hilary was Secretary of State, everything was
fine because Bill Clinton told Hilary exactly what to do.  But now the
US has no one with any skill as a manager.

Kerry is gold digger and a social climber STILL at heart. But he has
NO skills as a manager.  NONE.

Putin KNOWS this.

He also has read EVERYTHING that the US government wrote about him
from the theft of the CIA papers two years ago. And he is super pissed
that the CIA brought down "his" man who was President of the Ukraine.

So he can out manage us and he KNOWS what our true policy is and we
took out his man.

And he has nothing to lose because we never deployed our missile
system in the Czeck Republic and Poland even though we promised both
countries that we would put them in .

So now Putin figures he can do whatever he wants.  And he plans to do
just that.  And he will get away with it.  NO way Obama goes to war
over this.  Putin is superior leader, manager, intellect, strategist.
This is an easy game for him to win.

Now to the dark side - WHO are the best managers in the US?  It is the
people who run our defense industry and West Point graduates.  Has
this all happened according to their plan. IS Putin their puppet?
They will make 1 trillion from our build up to "defend" ourselves.
Buy US defense industry stocks run by superb managers.

For you - my guess is DOW is at 15,000, maybe 13,000 in two months but
oil is at 150.   Euro at 1.2.

Next time you are in NYC, we will have dinner with the daughter of
Putin's best friend who happens to be QUITE hot - 30 years old,
actress and great spirit.  Crazy about her.  She has met him and tell
me that he is "quite a man."

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