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Monday, September 1, 2014

What is behind Putin's seeming madness?

Edward Snowden has told him everything about the US opinion of Russia
and told him everything he knows about what is in the CIA files.  So
he knows he has no respect.  That is huge for him.  He is a very proud
man and we have trashed him and belittled his country.

The CIA then found a way to eliminate the President of Ukraine who was
Putin's man and who was duly elected.  That is unforgivable and it
happened because Obama is not leading.  So without a strong leader in
the USA, the CIA has gone rogue and "just for the fun of it"
eliminated the previous president of the Ukraine.

Putin in livid and intends to get rid of the current president who is
a puppet of the USA and EU.

So who wins?  Who benefits with this confrontation?

Who gets the MONEY?  What stocks do you buy?  Who LOVES the fact that
this is happening?  Who was being marginalized before this flare up?
Who has poured gas onto the conflict as much as they can?  Who is
IMPORTANT again?  Who may have even been behind the destabilization of
the previous Ukraine government using CIA agents to do their work for
them?  And even worse - who could be the actual puppet masters behind
Putin's actions and fury?

Can you guess?

They are among the greatest leaders in the world today - real men who
want power and money.

The US defense industry wins.  Look at the stock price of them ALL in the month since the conflict in the Ukraine started in August of 2014.  They are all up dramatically.

Graham Arader

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