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Monday, February 23, 2015

"A thank you letter from Larry Tise for my lecture at the "Paint over Print" conference at the Kislak Center at the University of Pennsylvania." My lecture was on "Detecting Fakes and Forgeries in the Market for Hand - Colored Books, Maps and Prints"

From: Larry Tise 
Subject: RE: Paint over Print Conference--Checking
To: graham arader <grahamarader@gmail.com>


Thank you!  For coming to Philadelphia and for bringing so many
interesting items--especially the Oriental deBry hand-colored
engravings.   Also for bringing along Kate Hunter (who contributed to
our discussions) and Lori Cohen.

It was too bad that you could not make the dinner at the Acorn Club.
It was a nice affair.  But family demands are the top demands.

I do hope to visit NYC before too long and would like to examine the
Harriot-deBry hand colored volume that I believe I was told you have
among your inventory.  I am going to try to take a look at all of the
hand-colored copies that have turned up since I did my initial survey
several years ago.

Thanks again for adding both insight and luster to our conference.


From: graham arader [mailto:grahamarader@gmail.com]
To: Larry Tise
Subject: Re: Paint over Print Conference--Checking

Thank you for having me Larry.

Hope to see you in nyc some day.

Sorry I couldnt stay for dinner. I was called home with family matters.

Best wishes

Graham Arader

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