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Monday, February 2, 2015

My January 23, 2014 prediction of an oil price jump is coming true. Putin will push oil to 100, maybe 135 by June 30, 2015.

Has anyone reading or writing the stories about the problems in the Ukraine ever spent any serious time with someone from there? Or done business with them?   Or tried to negotiate with them over ANYTHING?  I would rather swing a pick axe into my knee.

The worst thing that Europe and the United States could do to Putin is to let him try to manage these people.  If we had begged him to take this country as a gift, he would have run the other way saying that he couldn't afford to sell them gas and oil for 30% of the going price.

This conflict is all about push and shove between the monumental egos in the CIA and the KGB.   That rivalry goes back over 67 years and these two organizations are both filled with macho men who live for the means with no care whatsoever about the ends.  They just love to fight with little concern for the end result.

Putin is a superb manager and we had him working hard for us keeping the truly crazy people in the Middle East under control.  Now that is over and it wont be long before the price of oil dramatically increases because of some "disaster" that he manufactures to put the price of oil back at 100 and maybe up to 135.

My prediction - oil is back at 100 by June 30st this year.

Yes. Putin is not a good man but he is one hell of a manager.  The Saudi treat their citizen much, much worse that Putin but we dont complain about that.  The world is vastly more confusing now that Putin is not pulling on the same oar as the United States.   

This lack of true understanding is the greatest failure of US foreign policy during the last 7 years.

Oil HAS to go to 100 because of this and the American people will suffer because of it.

Graham Arader

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