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Sunday, March 1, 2015

A possible reason for Putin's actions during the last year.

The hardest part of the next 20 years is that many of our friends are not who they are because of dementia, Alzheimers, recreational drugs, prostrate cancer and legal prescriptions used to fight depression, others cancers and other diseases. 

Remember when Giuliani was acting so abusively when he decided to run for the Senate - well, later we found out he had prostate cancer. 

My guess is that Putin has something seriously medically wrong with him because his actions of the last year are exclusively to push back rather than to parry which he used to do well.

This is a very smart man who was a brilliant manager and who did a lot for Russia.

Now he is clearly self destructive.  His time is over.  He needs to quit or get better medical treatment. 

Sad that he seems unable to man up and say he is a ghost of his former self because of medical issues.  In his glory days he did a lot for Russia.

Graham Arader

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