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Saturday, March 7, 2015

A response to the WSJ strory of 3/7/2015 that Obama is starting to spend more time with black communities in the south.

Obama cant lead.  He can manager.  He does not understand a budget.

That is ok.  This is a great country and we can overcome these failures in time.

But his unwillingness to show a distinct prejudice toward his own people has been disgraceful up to this point.  The time for being "fair" and evenhanded is OVER.   It is time that he does all he can for blacks.  He can and should give them a feeling of dignity and worth.  It is time for a full dose of his love, understanding and appreciation of the best parts of the many great qualities and accomplishments of blacks in the United States. 

While some may complain about it, the costs to our society of blacks is PART of being an American.  If you dont like it, you should live somewhere else.   It is never going to go away. 

A special boost for blacks in America from the President of the United States is long overdue.

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