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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

why the treaty with Iran will not pass.

no oil producing nation wants this to work.  no one in Israel wants this to work.  increased prosperity in Iran will give the people time to think so there is no way the Iranian religious leadership want a treaty.  no Republicans want to hand a 'win' to Obama.  and most importantly Putin who has been humiliated on the world state is going to be loath to give Obama a victory as a "man of peace" with him viewed as a "man of war."

so who does want this treaty to work????

the Chinese do because their stalling economy will pick up with lower oil prices.  conservationists do because a nuclear exchange is the great environmental disaster possible - much worse than global warming or air pollution.  Obama wants it because someone he trusts convinced him 7 or 8 years years ago that was worth making a high priority.  he is not bright enough to come up with his own ideas.

if this passes, it is because the Chinese view this in their best interests.  Oil will drop to $25 a barrel or less.  Obama may get the credit but the Chinese will have better lives.

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