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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Oil goes to 200 in an hour.

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Graham Arader

Oil goes to 200 when Egyptian people revolt over US control of their country.  

Brutal Islamic dogma only works with people who have nothing.  The CIA should be telling the 1% in the
Middle East that have 99.9% of the oil money that this towering, obvious greed is the reason for destabilization in the region. 

No way you can control 200,000,000 people who have nothing when virtual media broadcasts the lifestyles
of the 30,000 fellow countrymen who have all the cash.   The revolt caused by this rage will be quick and massive.  Oil goes to 200 in a day, maybe an hour. 

What happened in Iran to the Shah and his friends is a tame, slow motion template of what will happen in Egypt because some geeks in Northern California thought it would be "cool" to connect all the people on the planet.  They have made Jung right.  We all are one.

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