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Saturday, April 18, 2015

There will be NO treaty with Iran.

Deal is never going to happen.  This "treaty" farce is being kept alive to distract us all from the monumental flaws in the current US administration's managerial skills.  The people who control Iran need the sanctions to keep their people subservient.  The last thing they want is a deal. 

Obama is a beautiful, cool, humorous man and it is good for the country that we can watch someone on TV that is entertaining and attractive.  Sad that behind the performance there is nothing tangible. 

This "distraction" technique is also being practiced by Bill Clinton who has come up with Hillary's "e mail" issue to distract us all from what are truly serious problems.   It's brilliant - sort of like the husband coming home with gobs of lipstick on his collar who openly "confesses" that he got a parking ticket. 

Hey.  Sometimes it works.

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