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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Why the National Security Agency is necessary.

To preserve our standard of living that is vastly higher than the majority of the Islamic world we have to protect ourselves.  Our problem with Islamic Fundamentalists would disappear overnight if Americans lived at their humiliating level of poverty and squalor.  There would be nothing to be jealous of. 

I, for one, love living much better than everyone else in those miserable countries.  But let's be frank - we need to find, muzzle and kill the most able Islamic practitioners who want to undermine our way of life.   

Our enemies call it Holy War.  But they are deluding themselves and their people.   This is all about income distribution.    

I wonder how many Americans would stay "patriotic" without the wide ranging comforts available in this absolutely spectacular country.   I love it here and treasure what the NSA does to preserve what is clearly inequality with the rest of the world.  You can't tell Islamic people to "eat cake" and not fight hard when the reaction manifests itself. 

Graham Arader

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