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Monday, June 22, 2015

Barney Lipscomb Thank you Letter

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From: Barney Lipscomb
Date: Friday, June 19, 2015
Subject: RE: Arader Galleries June Auction Success and Prices Realized
To: Graham Arader <grahamarader@gmail.com>

Hello Graham,

So good to see the positive results of the June Auction.  How wonderful that the sale also generated over $300,000 for various programs around the country. Fantastic news indeed! We’ll keep working the crowds and one of these days someone will choose my daughter’s school, Merit Academy, I know and can feel it. Thanks so much for promoting her school for autistic children to the lecture audience last Friday evening. Thank you for your support of my daughter’s school.  SHE is making use of the Audubon paintings. Not only do they make the place more beautiful they are also being used for education.

I showed Charity the Auction Catalog and she is excited about the possibility of receiving more natural history art for the school. Although she would be excited to have more Redoute, but she also likes the Audubon birds and believes having more of them or the Quadrupeds would be excellent art for her special needs students. She loved the Georg August Goldfuss (Paleontologist) prints of Diptera, Hymenoptera, Orthoptera, Neuroptera, etc.  She is doing insects with students in Summer Camp right now so anything butterflies would be great to have for future classroom use.  Charity says thank you. I’d like to bring her and maybe her husband to see the gallery sometime.

I had a great weekend with you and being at the Gallery. What a great turnout for the lecture and I had so much positive feedback on the lecture. One gentleman told me how much he has learned and how much more he appreciates his natural history art (including Redoutes) that he has purchased through Arader Galleries.  So many people came up to me after the lecture and just gave me such positive feedback.

Attached is my bill. Thanks so much for your support. Thank you for letting me stay at the Apartment. Thank you for an enjoyable drive to Nyack and I truly enjoyed walking Pretty Penny again and seeing your first class gymnosperm arboretum. What a beautiful place and thanks for sharing it with me. I could never get tired of seeing it. Thank you for the lunches but most of all THANK you for your friendship.  ALL much appreciated. It is always a joy to visit and spend time with you…how nice to also have dinner with Abbey and Josephine Saturday evening. Your lovely wife is always super friendly and welcoming to me personally.

Will stay in touch.

Best regards,

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