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Monday, June 29, 2015

Greeks are providing a wonderful service to the rest of the world - let us praise them.

Belief in the USE of cash is why cops protect, doctors heal and teachers teach.  These three most important professions will be the key to watch during this crisis.  What happens if the paycheck they are all working for no longer motivates them at all?  or as much? or just the same? or more than ever before?????

It will be a priceless learning opportunity for those involved with economics, social welfare, business,  psychology and many, many more disciplines.  

YES, this is a terrible event for the Greek people, but a wonderful laboratory for the managers of the 9 billion people on this planet.  

That paycheck that so many of us receive keeps us striving all of our lives.  But it in itself cannot feed, shelter or clothe us without everyone else believing in it as well.  

The best thing for the future is for these Greek deadbeat politicians to be allowed to ruin their country so the world can learn what to do when a true crises occurs with vastly more people involved.

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