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Monday, October 5, 2015

My pointed comments in the WSJ regarding Ben Bernanke's handing of the financial crisis.

The Chairman of the Fed's ONLY job is to do whatever it takes to give firm confidence to our middle class that the paycheck they get every two weeks is going to enable them to survive and maybe go to a movie now and then.  Simple.   Without those poor souls toiling faithfully away everyday, we have nothing.  You failed.  This whole country is still shell shocked seven years later.  There is no confidence in the future whatsoever.  How else could a flim flam man like Donald Trump get to where he is right now?  How else could a man with no visible managerial skills be President of the United States today.  

This is all your doing.  100%

Instead your legacy is that you stood by and watched the Secretary of Treasury take a scythe to his competition to sate numerous, intense personal vendettas.   Now the world knows you were gamed.

The best that can be said about you is that you had no idea what was happening.

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