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Thursday, October 8, 2015

what Putin wants.

Putin wants:
1. Oil prices higher
2. To give his army experience.
3. To show the world that his military hardware works thus making it more salable
4. To demonstrate that he is a true friend who does not desert fellow despots when they are in trouble.
5.  To embarrass those who have shunned him on the international stage.
6.  To divert attention away from the Ukraine. 
7,  To do something cool to impress his young
8.  To do something imperial to impress the old guard.
9.  To show Muslims living in Russia that he is to be feared.

But what he does NOT care about it ISIS or the threat they pose.  He is using them and the USA.

What an amazing play.  What a mind.  

Trump thinks he is this smart.  But he is not.

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