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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fake Coloring of Ortelius Atlas for Sale

This is an auction house in Belgium.  They have an Ortelius that has been colored by Sanderous in Ghent.  They have baked the colored sheets so that the green oxidizes.  It is very, very good fake color but the green "bleeds" too much to be true original color.  However, this is a new level of dishonestly in the map trade business.   

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From: Marie Palmucci
Date: Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 3:36 AM
Subject: Lot 162
To: "grahamarader@gmail.com"

Dear Mr Arader,
Here are 3 examples of sheets with oxidation,
Best regards,
Marie Palmucci
Librairie Henri Godts

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From: "graham arader" <grahamarader@gmail.com>
Date: Nov 16, 2015 5:23 AM
Subject: Re: Lot 162
To: "Marie Palmucci" "Henri Godts"

this is the "oxidation" that Sanderous "manufactures" in Ghent.  he is a genius at "baking" the paper to that oxidation appears on the back.  It is NOT contemporary color by any means

it is very good and will fool a lot of people but it does not fool me.  

Please withdraw my bid.  

be careful.

Graham Arader

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