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Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Big Win for the University of South Carolina

Tomorrow, January 22, 2016, Tom McNally, Librarian of the University of South Carolina, will be receiving a conservatively restored example of the most important map in ALL of American History as designated by the Library of Congress   It is the John Mitchell map of the British Dominions of North America.  London, 1755.  (Walter Ristow.  "A La Carte")  It was used to determine the boundaries of the United States by George III at the conclusion of the American Revolution.  Just type this title into google to read the numerous accolades this masterpiece receives. 

All 8 separate sheets are framed to full museum specifications.  If approved by Tom, Harris and Derek, it is anticipated that it will be hung in Osborne along with the Universities' other cartographic masterpieces.

Thank you: 

Tom -  for allowing my vision to be a high priority for you when you have so many other much more important things to do. 

Harris - for delegating this project to Tom and for your trust in me.  Also, it is clear to me now that your judgement is truly brilliant.  Sometime it takes a while for events to play out to see that you are right virtually all the time.   You are a great leader.

Lisa - for making the process of the administration of the bookkeeping a constant pleasure. 

Elizabeth - for your constant joy in observing the fulfillment of my dream of sharing this passion of mine with the precious students at USC.  It is a huge compliment to me.

Henry - for allowing me to take a monumentally important  map out of your collections and make it available to all students.

Thank you ALL

With respect,


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