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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Prices Realized from January 30th Auction

Lot #ArtistTitle Price Realized 
1Robert Havell after John James AudubonWestern Duck, Plate 429 PASS 
2Robert Havell after John James AudubonBuffel-Headed Duck, Plate 325 $3,355.00
3Robert Havell after John James AudubonPuffin, Plate 213 $3,750.00
4Robert Havell after John James AudubonHooded Merganser, Plate 232 $4,575.00
5Robert Havell after John James AudubonCanada Goose, Plate 201 $30,500.00
6Robert Havell after John James AudubonWild Turkey (Female), Plate 6 $51,850.00
7Robert Havell after John James AudubonWild Turkey (Male), Plate 1 $79,300.00
8Robert Havell after John James AudubonRuffed Grouse, Plate 41 $30,500.00
10Robert Havell after John James AudubonLittle Screech Owl, Plate 97 $10,625.00
11Robert Havell after John James AudubonLittle Owl, Plate 199 $3,355.00
12Robert Havell after John James AudubonBelted Kingfisher, Plate 77 $12,200.00
13Robert Havell after John James AudubonBoat-Tailed Grackle, Plate 187 $2,196.00
14Robert Havell after John James AudubonCarolina Parrot, Plate 26 $170,800.00
15Robert Havell after John James AudubonIvory-Billed Woodpecker, Plate 66 $122,000.00
16Robert Havell after John James AudubonWhite-Headed Eagle, Plate 31 $23,180.00
17Robert Havell after John James AudubonTrumpeter swan, Young, Plate 376 $20,740.00
18Robert Havell after John James AudubonGreat White Heron, Plate 281 $24,440.00
19Robert Havell after John James AudubonCanvas Backed Duck, Plate 301 $27,450.00
20Robert Havell after John James AudubonYellow Billed Magpie, Plate 362 $2,745.00
21Robert Havell after John James AudubonYellow-Breasted Chat, Plate 137 $2,135.00
22Robert Havell after John James AudubonCock of the Plains, Plate 371 $2,440.00
23Robert Havell after John James AudubonLong-Tailed or Dusky Grous, Plate 361 $2,440.00
24Robert Havell after John James AudubonSwainson’s Warbler or Brown Headed Worm Eating Wabler, Plate 198 $1,952.00
25Robert Havell after John James AudubonSavannah Finch, Plate 109 $1,464.00
26Robert Havell after John James AudubonMacGillivray’s Finch, Plate 355 $1,220.00
27Robert Havell after John James AudubonBlack & Yellow Warbler, Plate 50 $2,318.00
28J. T Bowen after John James AudubonMink, Plate 33. $2,440.00
29J. T Bowen after John James AudubonPronged-horn Antelope, Plate 77 $2,440.00
30J. T Bowen after John James AudubonColumbian Black Tailed Deer, Plate 106 $2,440.00
31J. T Bowen after John James AudubonLong Tailed Deer, Plate 118 PASS 
32J. T Bowen after John James AudubonCommon American Deer, Fawn, Plate 81 $5,795.00
33J. T Bowen after John James Audubon Common Deer, Plate 136 $18,300.00
34J. T Bowen after John James AudubonAmerican Bison, Male, Plate 56 $27,450.00
35J. T Bowen after John James AudubonAmerican Bison, Female, Plate 57 $12,200.00
36J. T Bowen after John James AudubonSilver Fox, Plate 116 $20,740.00
37J. T Bowen after John James AudubonGrey Fox, Plate 21 $20,740.00
38J. T Bowen after John James AudubonSwift Fox, Plate 32 $11,590.00
39J. T Bowen after John James AudubonArtic Fox, Plate 121 $3,050.00
40J. T Bowen after John James AudubonGrizzly Bear, Plate 131  $6,710.00
41J. T Bowen after John James AudubonPolar Bear, Plate 91 $4,575.00
42J. T Bowen after John James AudubonAmerican Black Bear, Plate 141 $6,100.00
43J. T Bowen after John James AudubonCinnamon Bear, Plate 127 $3,660.00
44J. T Bowen after John James Audubon Common American Wildcat, Plate 1 $17,080.00
45J. T Bowen after John James AudubonCanada Lynx, Plate 16 $6,710.00
46J. T Bowen after John James AudubonJaguar, Plate 101  $13,420.00
47J. T Bowen after John James AudubonOcelot, Plate 86 $14,640.00
48J. T Bowen after John James AudubonCougar (Female & Young), Plate 97 $12,200.00
49J. T Bowen after John James AudubonMale Cougar, Plate 96 $3,660.00
50J. T Bowen after John James AudubonAmerican Elk, Plate 62 $9,760.00
51J. T Bowen after John James AudubonMoose Deer, Plate 76 $2,000.00
52J. T Bowen after John James AudubonRaccoon, Plate 61 $9,760.00
53J. T Bowen after John James AudubonBeaver, Plate 46 $3,660.00
54J. T Bowen after John James AudubonBadger, Plate 47 $1,220.00
55J. T Bowen after John James AudubonWolverine, Plate 26 $5,000.00
56J. T Bowen after John James AudubonCollared Peccary, Plate 31 $3,660.00
57J. T Bowen after John James AudubonArmadillo, Plate 146 $6,100.00
58J. T Bowen after John James AudubonCommon Mouse, Plate 90 $10,370.00
59J. T Bowen after John James AudubonFox Squirrel, Plate 68 $4,575.00
60J. T Bowen after John James AudubonPrairie Wolf, Plate 71 $4,575.00
61J. T Bowen after John James AudubonRed Texan Wolf, Plate 82 $3,355.00
62J. T Bowen after John James AudubonHare Indian Dog, Plate 132 $1,586.00
63J. T Bowen after John James AudubonBlack American Wolf, Plate 67 $1,342.00
64J. T Bowen after John James AudubonTexan Hare, Plate 133 $5,795.00
65J. T Bowen after John James AudubonBlack-tailed Hare, Plate 63 $4,575.00
66J. T Bowen after John James AudubonGrey Rabbit, Plate 22 $3,355.00
67J. T Bowen after John James AudubonPolar Hare, Plate 32 $3,355.00
68J. T Bowen after John James AudubonTownsend’s Rocky Mountain Hare, Plate 3 $2,440.00
69J. T Bowen after John James AudubonNorthern Hare, Summer, Plate 11 $2,745.00
70J. T Bowen after John James AudubonNorthern Hare, Winter, Plate 12 $2,440.00
71J. T Bowen after John James AudubonCalifornia Hare, Plate 112 $3,660.00
72J. T Bowen after John James AudubonTexan Skunk, Plate 53 $1,220.00
73J. T Bowen after John James AudubonCanada Porcupine, Plate 36                  $2,240
74J. T Bowen after John James AudubonCommon American Skunk, Plate 42 $2,074.00
75J. T Bowen after John James AudubonLarge Tailed Skunk, Plate 102 $1,342.00
76J. T Bowen after John James AudubonVirginian Opossum, Plate 66 $3,965.00
77J. T Bowen after John James AudubonSea Otter, Plate 137 $1,830.00
78J. T Bowen after John James AudubonCanada Otter, Plate 51 $1,220.00
79J. T Bowen after John James AudubonCanada Otter, Plate 122 $1,220.00
80Julius Bien after John James AudubonHudson Bay Titmouse, Plate 128 $152.50
81Julius Bien after John James AudubonChipping Sparrow, Plate 165 $183.00
82Julius Bien after John James AudubonCarolina Titmouse, Plate 127 $156.25
83Julius Bien after John James AudubonBewick's Wren, Plate 120 $183.00
84Julius Bien after John James AudubonWhite-Bellied Swallow, Plate 46 $274.50
85Julius Bien after John James AudubonSmall Green Crested Flycatcher, Plate 62 $250.00
86Julius Bien after John James AudubonTowhe Bunting, Plate 195 $312.50
87Julius Bien after John James AudubonSandwich Tern, Plate 434 $305.00
88Julius Bien after John James AudubonField Sparrow, Plate 164 $562.50
89Julius Bien after John James AudubonWilson's Fly Catcher, Plate 71 PASS 
90Julius Bien after John James AudubonBay-Breasted Warbler, Plate 80 PASS 
91Julius Bien after John James AudubonYellow-Throated Vireo, Plate 79 $250.00
92Julius Bien after John James AudubonEsquimaux Curlew, Plate 357 $156.25
93Julius Bien after John James AudubonHouse Wren, Plate 120 $183.00
94Julius Bien after John James AudubonSong Sparrow, Plate 189 $218.75
95Julius Bien after John James AudubonWood Pewee, Plate 63 $152.50
96Julius Bien after John James AudubonYellow Poll Warbler, Plate 89 $281.25
97Julius Bien after John James AudubonGreat Crested Flycatcher, Plate 57 & Olive sided Flycatcher, Plate 58 $375.00
98David H. Vance, engraved by J.H. Young.Map of North America including all of the Recent Geographical Discoveries 1825 $11,875.00
99Pierre Mortier Carte Nouvelle de L'Amerique Angloise... $3,660.00
100Jedidiah Morse Map of the States of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, & Georgia... $1,375.00
101Johann Baptist Homann Virginia, Marylandia, et Carolina in America Septentrionali $1,952.00
102Jodocus Hondius Virginiae Item et Floridae Americae Provinciarum, Nova Descriptio $3,437.50
103Willem Janszoon BlaeuVirginiae Partis australis, et Floridae partis orientalis, interjacentiumqus regionum Nova Descriptio $1,342.00
104William DamerumMap of the Southern Part of the State of New York $6,710.00
105John Green "Braddock Mead" A Map of the Most Inhabited part of New England... $33,550.00
106Henri Abraham ChâtelainCarte Tres Curieuse de la Mer du Sud, Contenant des Remarques Nouelles et Tres Utiles Non Seulement sur les Portes et Iles de Cette Mer. $13,420.00
107Cornelis De Jode Americae Pars Borealis, Florida, Baccalaos, Canada, Corterealis $35,380.00
108Guillaume de L'isle Carte de la Louisiane et du Cours du Mississippi $5,185.00
109Society for the Protection of German Emigrants to Texas Karte von den Vermeslungen in Grant und in der Gegend Zwishen Demselben und Neu Braunfels $3,965.00
110 J. H. Ketcheson for the J. D. MacMaster Real Estate CompanyBirdseye View of Abilene/The Future Capital of Kansas $2,745.00
111C.O. PerrineNew Topographical War Map of the Southern States $1,220.00
112John Senex North America Corrected from the Observations Communicated to the Royal Society at London and the Royal Academy at Paris $11,590.00
113J.M. AtwoodMap of the Western States $854.00
114John MullanGeneral Map of the North Pacific States and Territories $687.50
115Arthur W. IdeIde's Map of Helena $610.00
116Henry Tanner A Map of the United States & Mexico $13,750.00
117Nicolas BellinCarte Reduite du Golphe du Mexique et des Isles de L'Amerique... $4,575.00
118G.W. & C.B. ColtonColton's Railroad and County Map of the Southern States $1,220.00
119Washington, 1874. Hand-colored Manuscript MapMap of Pyramid Lake Indian Rerservation, Nevada $4,270.00
120Nicolini CalyoThe East River Looking Southwest, Blackwell's Island in the foreground, The Navy Yard at the Extreme Left PASS 
121PC Canot A South-East View of the City of New York in North America $3,965.00
122James David SmillieNew York Landscape $2,440.00
123Unknown Artist, c. 1805. Fine Original Watercolor Drawing of a Naval Skirmish of the Mediterranean Campaign. 26 Prairial, An 6. (14th June, 1798) $8,540.00
124School of Frederic Roux.Ship in Coastal Waters $3,660.00
125John Reid & W. Winterbotham.Map of the State of Kentucky with Adjoining Territories, 1795. $579.50
126John Reid & W. Winterbotham.A Map of the Tennassee Government, formerly part of North Carolina from the Latest Surveys, 1795. & Georgia from the Latest Authorities. $1,062.50
127John Reid & W. Winterbotham.State of Virginia from the Best Authorities, 1796. $812.50
128John Reid & W. Winterbotham.Vermont from the Latest Authorities. $488.00
129John Reid & W. Winterbotham.The State of Pennslyvania from the Latest Surveys  $610.00
130John Reid & W. Winterbotham.State of South Carolina from the Best Authorities, 1796. $732.00
131John Reid & W. Winterbotham.An Accurate Map of the West Indies with Adjacent Coast of America, 1796. $488.00
132John Reid & W. Winterbotham.General Map of North America, drawn from the best surveys, 1795. $531.25
133John Reid & W. Winterbotham.The State of Massachusetts from the best information $750.00
134John Reid & W. Winterbotham.Province of Maine from the best authorities, 1795. $610.00
135John Reid & W. Winterbotham.State of Rhode Island from the latest surveys 1796. $488.00
136John Reid & W. Winterbotham.The State of New Hampshire compiled chiefly from actual Surveys, 1796. $750.00
137Alexis-Hubert JaillotMappe-Monde Geo-Hydrographique... $5,490.00
138Pieter van der Aa after CassiniPlanispherium Terrestre, Secondum Recentiores Astronomorum Observationes $7,320.00
139R. CreightonA Map of England & Wales, The Principal Roads, Railways, Rivers and Canals $732.00
140Abraham OrtelisTypus Orbis Terrarum $9,375.00
141Matthew Seutter Diversi Globi Terr-acquei Statione Variante $2,500.00
142Gerard Mercator Orbis Terrae Compendiosa Descriptio $8,540.00
143Johann Baptist HomannPlaniglobii Terrestris Cum Utrop Hemisphere Caelesti $1,708.00
144Alexis-Hubert JaillotNova Orbis Tabula $375.00
145Jodocus HondiusIndia Orientalis $2,745.00
146Jan Huygen van LinschotenIndia and the Middle East $7,320.00
147Gerard ValkL'Asie Divisee En Ses Principales Regions Et Ou Se Peuvent Voir L'Estendue, des Empires, Monarchies, Royaumes, et Estats qui partagent presentement . .  $976.00
148Frederick De Wit Poli Arctici et circumia centium terrarum descriptio $1,830.00
149Heinrich BuntingClover Leaf $5,000.00
150Heinrich BuntingAsia Secunda Pars Terrae in Forma Pegasir. $3,355.00
151Heinrich BuntingEuropa Prima Pars Terrae in Forma Virginis. $2,745.00
152Heinrich BuntingBeschreibung des Heiligen Landes $375.00
153Heinrich BuntingAfrica Tertia Pars Terrar $937.50
154Heinrich BuntingJerusalem die Heilige Viereckete Stadt/ in grund gelegt und eigentlich abgemalet. $500.00
155Heinrich BuntingReisen der Kinder Israel aus Egypten $335.50
156Heinrich BuntingBeschreibung des Heiligen Landes Canaan $375.00
157Heinrich BuntingGestalt Des Tempels Mit Seinen Dreyen Vorhofen $335.50
158Heinrich BuntingTaffel der Lender darin den Apoftel Paulus geprediget hat $375.00
159Heinrich BuntingTaffel des Heiligen Landes zu dem Newen Testament Dienlich. $335.50
160Heinrich BuntingDie Eigentliche und Warhafftige Gestalt der Erden und des Meers. Cosmographia Universalis. $875.00
161Giovanni Battista PiranesiFrontispiece to Volume II. Antiquus Biuii Uiarum Appiae et Ardeatinae Prospectus ad II Lapidem Extra Portam Capenam. (Plate II, Tom. II) $2,812.50
162Giovanni Battista PiranesiVeduta esterna dellel tre sale sepolcrali, credute della Famiglia d'Aug (Tom. II, Pl. XLI) $625.00
163Giovanni Battista PiranesiVeduta interna di una delle tre Sale sepolcrali credute della Famiglia di Augusto (Pl. XLII) $343.75
164Giovanni Battista PiranesiA. Uno de Fianchi dell'Urna... (Tom. II, Pl. XXXV) $625.00
165Giovanni Battista PiranesiA Framm. di Stucco, cavato della Volta... (Tom II, Pl. XXX) $281.25
166Giovanni Battista PiranesiGrand 'Urna di marmo, creduta di Alessandro Severo, edi Giulia Mamea sua madre (Tom. II, Pl. XXXIII) $500.00
167Giovanni Battista PiranesiVeduta del Ponte Fabrizio oggi detto quattro Capi...(Tom. IV, Pl. XVI) $1,500.00
168Giovanni Battista PiranesiVeduta del Satterraneo Fondamento del mausoleo, ch fu eretto da Elio Adriano Imp...(Tom. IV, Pl. VI (Numbered IX in 2nd ed.)) $875.00
169Giovanni Battista PiranesiVeduta dell' Ingreso della Camera Sepolcrali di L. Arrunzio e della sua Famiglia...(Tom. II, Pl. IX) $500.00
170Giovanni Battista PiranesiVeduta di ultra aprte della camera sepolcrale di L. Arrunzio, nella quale vi si veggono de'Sepolcri fatti alla maniera de Colobaj de quali ogniuno contiene due Olle colle ceneri de combusti cadaveri. (Tom II, Pl. X). $812.50
171Giovanni Battista PiranesiFrontispiece to Volume IV. Vindicubus et protectoribus bonarum atrium i b Piranesius (Tom. IV, Pl. II) $1,250.00
172Giovanni Battista PiranesiCamera Sepolcrale pochi passi distante da quela gia descritta della Famiglia d L. Arrunzio nella stessa vigna... (Tom. II, Pl. XVI) $437.50
173Giovanni Battista PiranesiTripod, Museo Capitolino; Base Villa Lante (Marble Tripod with Central Support), Plate 91. $187.50
174Giovanni Battista PiranesiTwo Title Pages: Antichita di Cora, Rome: 1764 & Antichita Romane, Rome: 1756 $687.50
175Willem Janszoon Blaeu Les Souverainetez de Sedan et de Raucourt et la prevosté de Doncheri PASS 
176Jacques Nicolas BellinCarte de l’Amerique et des Mers Voisines $687.50
177Elijah Hinsdale BurrittApril, May June, & July, August, September [Pair of Celestial Charts] from Atlas of the Heavens PASS 
178Commissioned by Batthyany family,Pair of valuable 17th century Hungarian Oil Paintings. PASS 
179Hartmann SchedelLiber chronicarum [NUREMBERG CHRONICLE] $53,125.00
180Sebastian MunsterCosmographia. Beschreibung aller Lander. $18,300.00
181Gerard & Rumold Mercator Galliae Tabule Geographicae. -- Belgii Inferiores Geographicae Tabule -- Germaniae Tabule Geographicae $24,400.00
182Georg Matthaus Seutter Atlas Novus sive Tabulae Geographicae $15,250.00
183Abraham OrteliusTheatrum Orbis Terrarum. - Parergon in quo Veteris Geographiae aliquot tabulae. - Nomenclator Ptolemaicus $30,500.00
184Mark CatesbyLinaria Caerulea (The Blue Linnet), T. 45 PASS 
185Mark CatesbyCrested Bittern, Pl 79 $2,440.00
186Mark CatesbyWaterfrog (T. 70) $1,830.00
187Mark CatesbyCancer Chelis Rubris (T.37) $793.00
188Mark CatesbyVipera Caudisona (P. 41) $976.00
189Pierre Joseph Redoute Shell Ginger, Pink-Porcelain Lily (Globba Nutans), Plate 60 $4,880.00
190Pierre Joseph Redoute North’s Neomarcia, (Moroea- Vaginata), Plate 56 $1,952.00
191Pierre Joseph Redoute Dalmation Iris, (Iris Pallida), Plate 366 $4,880.00
192Pierre Joseph Redoute Butterfly Iris, (Iris Spuria), Plate 349 $3,965.00
193Pierre Joseph Redoute Iris squalers (Iris Sale), Plate 365 $2,196.00
194Pierre Joseph Redoute Jacobean Amaryllis, (Amaryllis Formosissima), Plate 3 $2,745.00
195Pierre Joseph Redoute Yellow Day-Lily, (Hemerocallis Flava), Plate 15 $2,745.00
196Pierre Joseph Redoute Flat-Leaved Iris, (Iris Scorpioides), Plate 211 PASS 
197Pierre Joseph Redoute Red Equestrian Amaryllis, (Amaryllis Equestris), Plate 32 $2,440.00
198Pierre Joseph Redoute Pleated Iris (Iris Plicata), Plate 356 $2,318.00
199William RoxburghErythroxylum monogynum (226) $24,400.00
200William RoxburghRosa Chinensis (235) PASS 
201William RoxburghConvolvulus malabaricus (57) $36,600.00
202William RoxburghFlemingia prostrata (201) $36,600.00
203William RoxburghMemasak adenanthera (227) $24,400.00
204William RoxburghAriza sativa (203) $36,600.00
205William RoxburghShorea Talura (225) $36,600.00
206William RoxburghEpidendrum Aepellsedes (204) $39,650.00
207William RoxburghSharea robusta (223) $39,650.00
208Albertus SebaTab. XCVI $750.00
209Albertus SebaTab. LXII $375.00
210Albertus SebaTab. XLVIII $213.50
211Albertus SebaTab. LXIV PASS 
212Albertus SebaTab. LXVI $366.00
213Albertus SebaTab. CVIII PASS 
214 J. Smit After J. WolfNumida Coronata PASS 
215 J. Smit After J. WolfPucrasia Duvauceli $500.00
216 J. Smit After J. WolfGallus Varius $244.00
217 J. Smit After J. WolfCrosoptilon Thibetanum PASS 
218John GouldBlue-Crest (Orthorhynchus Ccristatus) Plate 205, Volume IV $366.00
219John GouldAngela Star Throat (Heliomaster Angele) Plate 263, Volume IV $488.00
220John GouldEuplocomus Vieilloti, G. R. Gray $732.00
221John GouldPucrasia Xanthospila, G. R. Gray $732.00
222John GouldPucrasia Nipalensis, Gould $732.00
223John GouldOtidiphaps Nobilis, Gould $732.00
224John GouldBrodie's Owlet(Athene Brodiei) $732.00
225John GouldIndian Scops Owl (Scops Pennata) $793.00
226John GouldAndigena Hypoglaucus, Plate 38 $1,464.00
227John GouldAulacorhamphus Haematopygius $1,464.00
228John GouldPteroglossus Pluricinctus $1,342.00
229John GouldPteroglassus Azare $1,342.00
230John GouldSelenidera Maculirostris $1,342.00
231John GouldSelenidera Nattereri $1,464.00
232Edward S. CurtisSouthern Diegueño House, Pl. 528 $244.00
233Edward S. CurtisCahuilla House in the Desert. Pl. 520 $274.50
234Edward S. CurtisChemehuevi House, Pl. 515 $244.00
235Edward S. CurtisModern House at Tejon, Pl. 514 $122.00
236Edward S. CurtisModern Cupeño House, Pl. 511 $122.00
237Edward S. CurtisA Washo Woman, Pl. 543 $183.00
238Edward S. CurtisDiegueño House at Santa Yasabel, Pl. 531 $122.00
239Edward S. CurtisDiegueño Woman of Campo, Pl. 530 $152.50
240Edward S. CurtisA Southern Diegueño, Pl. 529 $152.50
241Karl Bodmer Tab. 20, Sih-Chida and Mahchsi-Karehde, Mandan Indians. $3,660.00
242Karl Bodmer Tab. 17, Pehriska-Ruhpa, a Minatarre or Big-Bellied Indian. $3,660.00
243Karl Bodmer Tab. 27, Scalp Dance of the Minatarres $5,795.00
244Karl Bodmer Tab. 37, White Castles on the Upper Missouri $3,660.00
245Karl Bodmer Tab. 43, Encampment of the Piekann Indians PASS 
246Karl Bodmer Tab. 38, Camp of Gros Ventres of the Prairies $3,355.00
247Karl Bodmer Tab. 26, Winter Village of the Minatarres $2,745.00
248Karl Bodmer Tab. 41,  View of the Stone Wall on the Upper Missouri $2,745.00
249Earnest William Steffen American Bittern PASS 
250Earnest William Steffen Common Redpoll $640.50
251Earnest William Steffen Forster’s Tern PASS 
252Earnest William Steffen Canyon Wren PASS 
253Robert L. BenneyCalifornia Oil for the Pacific War.  PASS 
254Cecil AldinSketches at the Ladies Kennel Association. $687.50

Auction Total: $1,729,537.75

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