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Friday, May 6, 2016

Wonderful Evening with David Elliot and the Catesby Commemorative Trust

Last night (Thursday, May 5th),  Arader Galleries hosted an event with David Elliott, the executive director of the Catesby Commemorative Trust. The evening began with David giving a short introduction to the CCT followed by a showing of Mark Catesby’s New Worlds Journey. The short film brings to life the incredible and ambitious journey of naturalist, Mark Catesby, and his efforts to catalog the diverse species of flora and fauna in the Southeastern regions of the United States, which resulted in his grand opus, the Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands.

Following the film, Mr. Elliott spoke with conviction about the future of the Catesby Commemorative Trust and its vision to “inspire respect for early naturalist explorers and ensure conservation of their work, as well as the plants and animals and habitats they studies, through education and research.” Mr. Elliott has been traveling the country pushing for a new curriculum that introduces Catesby’s story and work into early education. His “Creating a Better Way to Learn” collaboration with the College of Charleston and SCETV is making great progress and 8th grade lesson plans which includes Catesby material and a new approach to learning will soon become available to students across the country.

Mr. Elliott is using Catesby to creatively teach students art, history, and science. Graham Arader is passionate about David's vision, having recently donated $1,000.00 to the Trust. This brings his grand total to $7,000.00 in gift donations to the Catesby Commemorative Trust. If you would like to contribute to his amazing vision, Arader Galleries is happy to partner with David Elliott and the Catesby Commemorative Trust to help in his efforts. By sending us a check of $50.00 you will receive The Curious Mister Catesby, a wonderful reference book comprised of a collection of essays on Mark Catesby (Mr. Elliot contributes an essay to this book). All proceeds will go to the Catesby Commemorative Trust.

Mr. Elliott will be presenting this short film and his vision next at the Linnean Society of London’s first US meeting at Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum on Saturday, May 7.

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