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Friday, February 24, 2017

Arader Galleries Recognition of 1.1 Million in Gifts to Northeastern University

graham arader

7:15 PM (20 hours ago)

Thank you Bob

Just reading this now

YES.  I would like to be paid for the artwork that I have on "loan" with you.  Can you schedule that for me please for Elliott just like Stubblefield and David Kraus.

Thank you for agreeing to meet with Greg McHale.  He will be in contact with you shortly.  He has a great idea.

Regarding David Kraus, I would like to suggest that he be invited to Boston to meet with a Dean for science for a possible job.  No on I know understands better the use of artwork to teach the merger of art and science.  He is superstar and should be part of the Northeastern Team.  I would pledge $5000 a year for 5 years to contribute to his salary.

Do you want to get another $1m of artwork on loan?  I will do this if you wish.

Am copying all our friends to keep them in the loop.



On Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 5:50 PM, Dietrich, Robert wrote:

Dear Graham,

Regarding your inquires:

1. Just back from Switzerland and Dubai…. Although Robert and I tried to connect before I left, we were unsuccessful – I need to circle back to him now that I am back.  Once I speak with Robert, would you prefer that we use the funds to frame the Leving pieces or apply it to the purchase of the pieces currently on loan** . It was my understanding that is how you would like us to use the auction gifts made by David Kraus and the Stubblefelds, totaling nearly $2500 for framing the Leving pieces.

2. Is this the Greg McHale from Lets all do good?  I will be happy to talk or meet with him based on your recommendation.

3. Cy should receive his decision by mid- March.

** our last accounting shows that the cumulative value of art you have loaned to us is $1,129,000. The funds you have raised for us to purchase the art for our permanent collection totals $1,106,621, leaving a relatively small balance of $22, 379.

What a remarkable partnership this has been!

As always,  many thanks all of your support and all best wishes,

Robert G. Dietrich
Associate Vice President
University Advancement
Northeastern University
716 Columbus Avenue, 402 CP
Boston, Massachusetts, 02120

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