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Saturday, June 24, 2017

$3500 raised for the Untermyer Gardens Conservancy as a result of my gift of some Redoute stipple engravings to their charity auction on June 23, 2017


You were missed.  One of the guests, David Davenport, asked for you.  He went to the same high school that you went to; hasn’t seen you since?

The gala was a huge success; we broke records both in attendance and funds raised.  All to help make Untermyer one of the finest gardens again in America.

Your beautiful prints went for $3500, and they were bought by someone quite savvy:  Barbara Israel, the leading garden antiques dealer in the country.  Many thanks for your donation.  

Remind me of the IRS rules.  I will send you a thank you letter, and cite the 7000 value?  Is that correct?

Again, thanks Graham, and I hope that you can come up here sometime this summer to see what all the fuss is about!


Stephen F. Byrns

President, Untermyer Gardens Conservancy

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