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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Perhaps the birth of a show of the world's greatest collection of Orientalist Art.

Thank you Shafik

Going back 4 generations my family has been giving to cultural institutions in America - mostly about 30 different Universities out of the 3600 4 year colleges and universities in the USA

The good is that my gifts of over 20,000 works of art over the last 40 years generates 4000 graded papers a year. My vision is that professors use my gifts to inspire students and give assignments.  The proof that my gifts are meaningful is that the graded papers are shown to me.  The proof that my gifts are simply used by University Presidents to bolster their fund raising reputations is that NO papers are generated.

My great passion is the transfer of information - both scientific and historic - across cultures and, of course, your genius collection could not possibly be more significant especially at an institution where diversity is embraced.

This e mail introduces you to a giant - Joseph E. Aoun - the 7th President (since 2006) of Northeastern University.  Born in Beirut, Lebanon, President Aoun is a blessing to American education inspiring 18,000 student a year.  His influence in the Arab world is legendary and it has long been my hope that he could have the opportunity to meet with the Admiral to discuss ways of working together.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to host an exhibit of your genius as the world's leading collector of Orientalist Art co hosted by these two great Universities situated in the Boston area!!!!

And wouldn't it be even more wonderful to create a prize of $1000 each for the 10 best essays about your collection written by students of these two great institutions which I would be honored to fund?  Of course, the scholars whom you selected for your book would be the judges.

The precious students of the USA should learn that American and European artists created a profoundly alluring bridge to the Islamic World well over 150 years ago.  What better way to inspire them to fortify that bridge as they enter positions of responsibility.  You could do that better than anyone in the world!



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