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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Special Thanks for a Donation to the Morris Fund at QLF

From: Larry Morris 
Date: Thu, Jun 1, 2017 at 4:58 PM
Subject: Morris Fund contribution
To: graham arader <grahamarader@gmail.com>

Hi Graham,

After getting the news through Beth (via Clare) I am almost speechless!  I am truly humbled by your generous donation to The Morris Fund.  Wow!  The story of this fund involves Board, staff, friends, and QLF Alumni.  Check the attachment for it to be explained.  

Truth be told, I am quite honored to have my name used in such a manner for the QLF cause.  Specifically, donations like yours will help meet the QLF mission while supporting Beth as she establishes her Presidency.  Don’t tell anyone, but she is far more talented in so many areas than I ever was.  QLF is fortunate to have her.  Meanwhile, I have to make The Morris Fund effort fun, different, and successful.   See below. 

I am also grateful to Clare for calling board members to contribute.  We are all lucky to have you guys in QLF’s corner.  

I thought you would enjoy a bit of the humor that goes along with my having ascended to “Emeritus.”  The President of Vermont Beau Ties, Liz Smith, has offered these “Princeton ties” (see photo below) at a 50% discount to any of my undergrad cronies signing on to the Morris Fund.  How’s that?  The so-called male model from their catalog got everything going after the QLF Alumni Congress in Barcelona back in November.  That was the place where Morgan became a superstar.  I sent Beau Ties of Vermont a photograph of one of their ties in use in Catalonia.  It has gone from there.  They just happened to have the orange and black tie which I used in the photo to show that Emeritus has both an office and a field component.  

Thanks again so much, Graham, for what you have done.  What a boost you provide!  

Have a relaxing summer.  Good luck on this weekend’s auction.  I had a long talk with Woody Freeman, your “Arkansas Gentleman”.  I will be interested on how Mike and Morgan do with that piece.  

Official response to your Morris Fund contribution and tax receipt will arrive shortly from QLF.  This is the unauthorized thank you, but I cannot see names of friends come through and remain on the bench.  


Lawrence B. Morris
President Emeritus
Quebec-Labrador Foundation

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