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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Arader Galleries Supports the Huntsville Museum of Art

We would love to host a lunch Chris.

I have ONLY extremely positive feelings about Huntsville now and so do Kathy and Mike Mouron.  What a lovely town filled with the most kind, thoughtful and elegant people. We all had a great time and were very impressed with your spectacular turnout of so many knowledgeable people.

Because your town is so deeply involved with science I am wondering if Mrs. Davidson might be interested in acquiring a find collection showing how the genius of Linnaeus inspired artists starting with his publication of his System of Nature in 1732 right up to the present time with binomial nomenclature.   His genius has lead to the great advances man has made in understanding DNA.

Do you think I could make a presentation to her?

Kathy and Mike have been copied on this email to keep them informed.



Hello Graham,

I am bringing 20 patrons from the museum to NYC September 5-10, 2017.  My dear friend was going to host a brunch for us on September 9th, in at his Central Park apartment which houses a fabulous collection of 20th c. works on paper.  Sadly, he had a stroke last month and has not improved. Alas, he had to cancel our visit. 
SO, this is just an idea…but one that I feel worth asking…if you are in town, would you and your wife be willing to host a brunch or a cocktail party at your home that Saturday?  You met many of our patrons at the opening last week and  I know they would enjoy seeing you again. 
I know the first week in September is difficult  since it is immediately after Labor Day and most New Yorkers are still out of town at that time.  I totally understand if it is not convenient.

We are getting lots of fabulous comments on the Audubon show!

Christopher J. Madkour
Executive Director
Huntsville Museum of Art
300 Church St. SW
Huntsville, Alabama, 35801

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