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Monday, October 30, 2017

Arader Galleries October 2017 Auction Success and Prices Realized

Arader Galleries is delighted to announce that this past Saturday's sale was a resounding success. The 67 lot sale featured a selection of exclusive and rare material and totaled $3,804,997. The auction began with much excited bidding for the selection from Audubon's Birds of America. The Roseate Spoonbill achieved $122,000 and the Male Turkey sold for $183,000. The stand out success was the Great Blue Heron which, following a fierce round of bidding in the room and on the phones, sold for an auction record of $305,000. 

Other highlights included the original watercolor of the Marsh Rose by Pierre Joseph Redoute achieving $103,700, a Ptolemy Atlas selling for $42,700, and a stunning original hand colored example of Plancius' World Map achieving $46,970. The sale achieved another auction record in the sale of the  1825 edition of Mill's Atlas of South Carolina for $50,020, which has not been offered previously at public auction. Full price list is available via (blog).

We are looking forward to our next sale scheduled for Saturday November 18th at 1pm. This larger sale will feature selections from John James Audubon's Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America including the Ocelot, Jaguar, Female Bison and the Polar Bear. There is a fine collection of rare books and atlases, including an Ortelius Theatrum de Orbis, Vancouver's Voyages and a fine set of McKenney and Hall's History of the Indian Tribes of North America.  Finally there is a varied offering of maps including two very notable examples of Nicholas Scull's Map of the Improved Part of the Province of Pennsylvania and John Bonner and William Price's A New Plan of Ye Great Town of Boston... Our online catalog is available via Live Auctioneers and Invaluable and paper catalogs will follow shortly. If you would like to receive a catalog or have any questions, please contact auctions@aradernyc.com

Graham Arader

Lot Title Premium Price
1 Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Barred Owl $19,520.00
2 Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Meadowlark $19,520.00
3 Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Ruffed Grous $31,720.00
4 Audubon Aquatint Engraving, White-headed Eagle (Adult) $18,300.00
5 Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Roseate Spoonbill $122,000.00
6 Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Common American Swan $79,300.00
7 Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Great Blue Heron $305,000.00
8 Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Great White Heron $79,300.00
9 Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Male Turkey $183,000.00
10 Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Female Turkey $79,300.00
11 John Abbot Watercolor, White Throated Finch $10,370.00
12 John Abbot Watercolor, Fox-colored Sparrow $10,370.00
13 John Abbot Watercolor, Purple Swallow $7,930.00
14 John Abbot Watercolor, Soree $7,320.00
15 Le Moyne Watercolor, f.11: Lesser Periwinkle $128,100.00
16 Le Moyne Watercolor, f.14: Cyclamen $73,200.00
17 Le Moyne Watercolor, f.32: Clove Pinks $122,000.00
18 Le Moyne Watercolor,f.33: Pot Marigolds $128,100.00
19 Le Moyne Watercolor, f.57: Gooseberry and butterfly. $97,600.00
20 Le Moyne Watercolor, f.61: Redcurrant $122,000.00
21 Redoute Original Rose Watercolor and Stipple Engraving $103,700.00
22 Redoute Original Rose Watercolor and Stipple Engraving $56,120.00
23 Redoute Original Rose Watercolor and Stipple Engraving $73,200.00
24 Redoute Original Rose Watercolor and Stipple Engraving $103,700.00
25 Original Watercolor of Aloe by George Ehret $31,720.00
26 Original Watercolor of Aloe Africana by George Ehret $13,420.00
27 Original Watercolor of Auricula by George Ehret $46,360.00
28 Original Watercolor of Thymelaea by George Ehret $29,280.00
29 Original Watercolor of Black Eyed Susan by George Ehret $20,740.00
30 Original Watercolor of Italian Myrtle by George Ehret $9,150.00
31 Tulip Study Watercolor by Pieter Holsteyn $13,420.00
32 Tulip Study Watercolor by Pieter Holsteyn $14,640.00
33 Tulip Study Watercolor by Pieter Holsteyn $14,640.00
34 Tulip Study Watercolor by Pieter Holsteyn $14,640.00
35 Brookshaw's Great Work, Pomona Britannica $158,600.00
36 THornton's Masterpiece in Rare Quarto $13,420.00
37 Redoute's Great Book of Lilies $244,000.00
38 Redoute's Great Work on Roses $109,800.00
39 Merian's Two Great Works on Insects $207,400.00
40 Sander's Reichenbachia, Orchids $23,180.00
41 Eytzinger's Work on the Low Countries with Original Color $19,520.00
42 The First Lithographed Atlas, Vandermaelen's Atlas Universel $24,400.00
43 De Wit's Sea Atlas in Original Color $42,700.00
44 Ptolemy Atlas, Lyon 1535 $42,700.00
45 Ortelius' Theater of the Whole World in English $219,600.00
46 Purchas his Pilgrimes in 5 books $97,600.00
47 Munster's Geographiae Claudii Ptolemaei with original hand color $73,200.00
48 Mills Atlas of South Carolina $50,020.00
49 Titford Sketches of New and Valuable Plants of the Americas $1,342.00
50 Cassin Illustrations of the Birds of CA, TX, OR $2,196.00
51 Serres The Little Sea Torch $7,320.00
52 Unique Author's Proof of Domenech's Journal d'un Missionnaire $7,930.00
53 Kane's Wanderings of an Artist $1,220.00
54 Byron's Voyage of HMS Blonde to Sandwich Islands $1,464.00
55 Richepin & Jouas Le Mer Sonnets and Other Poems $6,710.00
56 Lahontan Octavo New Voyages to North America $6,710.00
57 Gray's Menagerie at Knowsley Hall - Hoofed Quads $10,370.00
58 Ackermann's Miscrocosm of London $4,880.00
59 Octavo Edition of La Perouse's Voyage $9,150.00
60 Petrus Plancius Engraved World Map $46,970.00
61 Ortelius Engraved Map of Iceland $15,250.00
62 1513 Waldseemuller Woodcut Admiral's Map $91,500.00
63 Munster Typus Cosmographicus Universalis $25,620.00
64 Briggs Engraved Map of North Part of America $10,980.00
65 Jan Jansson Engraved Map American Septentrionalis $5,185.00
66 John White Map Americae pars nunc Virginia $12,200.00
67 Fry and Jefferson Engraved Map of Virginia $23,180.00
TOTAL $3,804,997.00

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