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Monday, December 18, 2017

Squash. OUCH!

Alex, my 12 year old son, has faced a National Squash tournament where rules were thrown out the window. 
In his round of 32 in the boys under 13, he faced the 14 year old national champion of Argentina (six inches taller and 50 pounds heavier) whose parents simply cheated and put him in an easier division.  I weakly complained figuring that this was a good, life lesson for him in a world where very little makes sense.  
Alex pulled himself together, kept his rough, physical opponent off balance and finally crippled his opponent who had to be carried off the court but not before he smacked a ball into my son's arm and leaving a huge bruise.   I refused to shake the hand of the boy or his parents, a decision that I now regret. 
In the next round he faced the Asian champion - a boy even larger who stated his age as 13 on his OWN website.  Absolute cheating.  Amazing.  Alex lost in three very close games when his coach left him to mentor another student. 
There is a consolation round today at Trinity College against a friend of his who plays hard but at least is the right age - 12 years old!
This is too much for me and may well be the last squash tournament I ever attend where my son is playing.
It was also expensive as the President of US Squash hit me up for a serious donation to the National Center.
Better to stay at home and read reference books about my treasures.

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