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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

January 27th, 2018 - Arader Galleries Auction Success and Prices Realized

Dear Friends,

This Saturday marked another successful auction at Arader Galleries!  We are delighted to announce our first sale of 2018 totaled $2,391,294. The 200 lot sale featured a selection of outstanding material. It began with much excited bidding for the selection of 27 lots from Audubon's Birds of America. The Ruffed Grous achieved $73,200 and the Snowy Heron sold for $292,800. The stand out success was the Great Blue Heron, which after a tense round of bidding in the room and on the phones sold for an all-time auction record for Audubon of $353,800. 

The sale continued with an exceptional collection of Texana. The star lot of which was a First Edition, First State of Stephen F. Austin's Cornerstone map of Texas, that sold for $164,700. Other maps in the collection were the Burr Map of Texas, which sold for $36,600, the Young New Map of Texas, which sold for $7,938, triple the high estimate, and the Arrowsmith map of Texas for $7,320. 

Other highlights included the original watercolors of Charles R. Knight, five of which sold for prices above their estimates and for a total of over $80,000, and a lovely copy of Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle, which sold for $31,750. There was a fine grouping of San Francisco city views, the highlight of which was Gifford Birds Eye View ($9760). There was also a large scale Currier & Ives of New York that sold for $12,200, and a Hondius Engraved Map of East Asia, which sold for $6710. A Full price list is available below. 

We are looking forward to our next sale scheduled for Saturday March 31st at 1pm. The auction will Include an amazing selection of Natural History watercolors, a fine collection of rare books and atlases, varied maps and views, as well as works by John James Audubon. Our online catalog will be available via Live Auctioneers and Invaluable. If you would like to receive a catalog or have any questions, please contact auctions@aradernyc.com


1Audubon Aquatint Engraving, American Magpie, Plate 357$6,710
2Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Lesser Tern, Plate 319$976
3Audubon Aquatint Engraving, White Winged Silver Gull, Plate 282$5,795
4Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Dusky or Long-Tailed Grous, Plate 361$1,830
5Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Night Hawk, Plate 147$9,760
6Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Mockingbird, Plate 21$21,960
7Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Chuck Will's Widow, Plate 52$5,795
8Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Great Auk, Plate 341$15,860
9Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Trumpeter Swan (Young), Plate 376$26,840
10Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Glossy Ibis, Plate 387Pass
11Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Wood Ibis, Plate 216$54,900
12Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Snowy Heron, Plate 242$292,800
13Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Great Blue Heron, Plate 211$353,800
14Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Ruffed Grouse, Plate 41$73,200
15Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Spotted Grous, Plate 176Pass
16Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Little Tawny Thrush, Plate 419$1,952
17Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Downy Woodpecker, Plate 112$4,270
18Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Rough Legged Falcon, Plate 166.$5,715
19Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Pied Oyster Catcher, Plate 223$1,270
20Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Purple Sandpiper, Plate 284$953
21Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Shore Lark, Plate 200$976
22Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Audubons Warbler, Plate 395$1,342
23Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Mangrove Cuckoo, Plate 169$2,440
24Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Brazilian Eagle, Plate 161Pass
25Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Little Screech Owl, Plate 97$7,320
26Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Long-Tailed Duck, Plate 312Pass
27Edward Lear Parrot Lithograph - Pale headed Parakeet$2,196
28Edward Lear Parrot Lithograph - The New Holland Parakeet$2,196
29Edward Lear Parrot Lithograph - The Greater Sulphine Crested Cockatoo$3,355
30Herbert Dicksee Original Watercolor - Two PanthersPass
31Herbert Dicksee Original Watercolor - A Pack of Wolves$4,880
32Charles R. Knight Original Watercolor - Six Horned Uintatheres$20,740
33Charles R. Knight Original Watercolor - Hyaenodons & Arsinoitherium$20,740
34Charles R. Knight Original Watercolor - Giant Moas$21,960
35Charles R. Knight Original Oil Painting - Clouded Leopard$30,500
36Charles R. Knight Original Oil Painting - Lady Amherst PheasantPass
37Charles R. Knight Original Watercolor Study - Deer Study$9,150
38Charles H. Smith Sumatran Rhinoceros Watercolor$3,660
39Charles H. Smith African Rhinoceros WatercolorPass
40Company School Natural History WatercolorPass
41Company School Natural History WatercolorPass
42Company School Natural History WatercolorPass
43Company School Natural History WatercolorPass
44Company School Natural History WatercolorPass
45Company School Natural History WatercolorPass
46Company School Natural History WatercolorPass
47Redoute Watercolor of Bouquet of Flowers$61,000
48Redoute Watercolor of Bouquet of Flowers$18,300
49Besler Engraving - Hortus Eystettensis - Piper Indicum$3,965
50Besler Engraving - Hortus EystettensisPass
51Besler Engraving - Hortus EystettensisPass
52Besler Engraving - Hortus EystettensisPass
53Besler Engraving - Hortus EystettensisPass
54Besler Engraving - Hortus EystettensisPass
55Thorton - Temple of Flora - Narrow Leaved Kalmia$1,708
56Thorton - Temple of Flora - The Bog Plant$1,651
57Thorton - Temple of FloraPass
58Thorton - Temple of Flora - The Quadrangular Passion-Flower$1,220
59Thorton - Temple of FloraPass
60Thorton - Temple of FloraPass
61Thorton - Temple of Flora - The Night Blowing Cereus$7,320
62Thorton - Temple of Flora - Group of Auriculas$4,880
63Thorton - Temple of FloraPass
64Thorton - Temple of Flora - Group of Carnations$1,708
65Thorton - Temple of Flora - China Limodoron$1,524
66Thorton - Temple of Flora - The Maggot-Bearing Stapelia$1,220
67Ferrari 17th C. Fruit EngravingPass
68Ferrari 17th C. Fruit EngravingPass
69Ferrari 17th C. Fruit Engraving$427
70Ferrari 17th C. Fruit Engraving$427
71Ferrari 17th C. Fruit EngravingPass
72Ferrari 17th C. Fruit Engraving$427
73Ferrari 17th C. Fruit EngravingPass
74Ferrari 17th C. Fruit EngravingPass
75Ferrari 17th C. Fruit EngravingPass
76Ferrari 17th C. Fruit EngravingPass
77Ferrari 17th C. Fruit EngravingPass
78Ferrari 17th C. Fruit EngravingPass
79Redoute Lily Engraving, Plate 140$488
80Redoute Lily Engraving, Plate 231$488
81Redoute Lily Engraving, Plate 212$549
82Redoute Lily Engraving, Plate 65$488
83Redoute Lily Engraving, Plate 79$488
84Redoute Lily Engraving, Plate 84Pass
85Cellarius's Harmonia Macrocosmica in Original Color$109,800
86Homanns' Grosser Atlas from Wardington Library$42,700
87Levaillant and Barraband's Great Parrot Book$292,800
88Fuchs' Celebrated Herbal$219,600
89Perry's Account of Japan$1,220
90Presentation Copy of Harris' Northwest Journey$4,270
91Dawrin's Voyage of the Beagle$31,750
92Kaempfer's History of JapanPass
93Braght's Pennsylvania Dutch Mennonite Book$3,355
94Tarleton's History of the U.S. Revolutionary War$5,490
95Kendall and Nebel Views of Mexican American War$16,470
96West Indies Neptune 1825Pass
97West Indies Neptune 1818Pass
98Seller's Coasting PilotPass
99Vesalius Anatomical ImagesPass
100Vesalius Anatomical ImagesPass
101Vesalius Anatomical ImagesPass
102Vesalius Anatomical ImagesPass
103Vesalius Anatomical ImagesPass
104Vesalius Anatomical ImagesPass
105Vesalius Anatomical ImagesPass
106Vesalius Anatomical ImagesPass
107Cellarius' Celestial Engravings - Plate 18$610
108Cellarius' Celestial Engravings - Plate 14]$610
109Cellarius' Celestial EngravingsPass
110Cellarius' Celestial EngravingsPass
111Cellarius' Celestial EngravingsPass
112Cellarius' Celestial Engravings - plate 11$3,355
113Cellarius' Celestial Engravings - Plate 2$3,050
114Cellarius' Celestial Engravings - Plate 27$4,880
115Cellarius' Celestial Engravings - Plate 29$4,880
116Bayer Celestial Engravings - Auriga$762
117Bayer Celestial Engravings Perseus$762
118Bayer Celestial EngravingsPass
119Bayer Celestial Engravings - Southern Cross$762
120Homann Celestial EngravingPass
121Homann Celestial EngravingPass
122Evans Celestial of Southern HemispherePass
123Flamsteed Celestial of Cetus$635
124Demongenet Celestial Glove GorePass
125Ninteenth-Century Mexican LienzoPass
126Manuscript Map of Spanish Florida$103,700
127De Cordova Map of the State of TexasPass
128Burr New Map of the State of Texas36600
129Disturnell Map of the United States of MexicoPass
130Arrowsmith Map of Texas$7,320
131Stephen F. Austin 1830 Map of Texas$164,700
132Young New Map of Texas$7,938
133S.A. Mitchell New Map of Texas, Oregon and California$6,100
134Lithograph Map of Ochiltree County, TexasPass
135Lithograph Map of Nolan County TexasPass
136Arrowsmith Map of the United Provinces of La PlataPass
137Magnus Panorama of Mississippi ValleyPass
138Ogilby View of New MexicoPass
139French Map of the Gulf of MexicoPass
140Le Moyne Map of Florida and Carolinas$4,880
141Visscher Engraved Landscape ScenePass
142De Wit Map of ScandinaviaPass
143De Wit Map of North PolePass
144Speed Map of HampshirePass
145Speed Map of DorchesterPass
146N. Visscher Engraved Novi BelgiiPass
147De L'Isle Engraved Map of Canada$1,586
148Sanson Engraved Map of CanadaPass
149Jefferys New Map of Nova Scotia$826
150Hill Aquatint Broadway, New YorkPass
151Bachman Lithograph New York City HallPass
152Hill Engraving New York from WeehawkPass
153Currier & Ives View of New York, Brooklyn, Jersey City and Hoboken$12,200
154Herbert Engraved Map of North America$3,050
155Hill Engraving New York from Heights near Brooklyn$3,660
156Ackerman Lithograph The Hub$1,037
157Page Engraved Map of Boston$8,540
158Camerer View of San Francisco$6,710
160G. De Jode's Double Hemisphere World Map$36,600
161De Jode Engraved Map of Alaska$13,420
162Gastaldi and Forlani's 1562 Engraved Map of Africa$33,550
163De Jode Engraved Map of Africa$7,320
164Zaltieri Early Map of Ireland$13,420
165De Fer's hand-colored Mappe MondePass
166Blaeu Engraved Map of Africa$4,270
167Ortelius Engraved Map of AfricaPass
168Ortelius Engraved Map of Asia$6,710
169Hondius Engraved Map of East Asia$6,710
170Dudley Map of the Mouth of the Amazon RiverPass
171Fleischer Engraved Map of the Gulf CoastPass
172Moll Engraved Map of America$2,440
173Munster Woodcut Map of the Americas$4,270
1744 part Nicolosi Engraved Map of America$3,810
175De L'Isle Engraved Map of the Americas$159
176De Fer Engraved Map of the AmericasPass
177Seile Engraved Map of the Americas$458
178Homann Engraved Map of the Americas$318
179Vaugondy Amerique SepentrionalePass
180Desnos' Atlas General 1780$2,440
181Guide Map of the City of San Francisco LithographPass
182View of the New Pioneer Building from the WaspPass
183View of San Francisco, formerly Yerba Buena Lithograph$793
184C.B. Gifford Birds Eye View of San Francisco Lithograph$9,760
185Burgess Chromolithograph San Francisco in 1849$2,440
186Endicott Lithograph Post Office, San Francisco$610
187Currier & Ives City of San FranciscoPass
188Feast Day as it is in Mexico Illustrated Newspaper ClippingPass
189T.R. Davis engraving On The PlainsPass
190Ki-yi, Ki-yi' Political Cartoon from the WaspPass
19119th century Lithograph of General George Washington$95
192Chromolithograph after Remington, A Breed$366
193Chromolithograph after Remington, Old Ramon$366
194Thompson Etching Arrival$61
195Bierstadt Chromolithograph Domes of the YosemitePass
196Deruet Etching of Battle of Nordlingen Thirty Year WarPass
197H. E. Suydam Original Watercolors, GuatemalaPass
198H. E. Suydam Original Watercolors, ColonPass
199H. E. Suydam Original Watercolors, PanamaPass
200H. E. Suydam Original Watercolors, JamaicaPass

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