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Monday, January 8, 2018

My comment to a WSJ story about Apple's damaging our precious young with their machines

25 years ago Steve Jobs personally told me he planned to take over the minds of children with his computers and phones.  He knew exactly what he was doing.  He is a monster and his glorification over the last 20 years is disgusting. 

This horrible man has stolen the lives and hearts of our precious young. 

Shame on all of us to have been so stupid to have let this happen.

He is the embodiment of the wicked Pied Piper stealing the minds of our precious young who now follow after him mindlessly.   It is a horror for humanity.

Finally, someone has the courage to speak up and fight against this curse of our civilization that has neutered our children.   Go to any high school or college campus in the world today and try to see just one animated conversation.   

I have the largest inventory of COMPLETE color plate books for sale in the world with a market value over $1 billion.   The books that I took works of art from were incomplete and that is exactly why Steve Jobs came to me - to buy the Redoute aquatints of Roses to compare to the ones he was growing at his home in Palo Alto.

No one on in all of history has protected complete color plate books better than I.   My gifts to American Universities totals over 300m.  

Beyond that, I have created a new syllabus to teach the understanding of the natural world that is taught in over 10 Universities today.  My dream is to show natural history and cartographic art to our precious young at American Universities and High Schools.  My hope is that it will divert their attention away from their phones and inspire them to learn about the natural world with works of art created from 1561 to the end of World War II.

Professors working with me are now using this artwork to instruct and inspire.  1000 graded papers are being generated today as a result of these brilliant teachers.  They have devoted their lives to our great University System in the United States - far, far better than the rest of the world combined!  They are my heroes.  

This is my effort to counter the damage that Steve Jobs has done to our children.

Steve Jobs had a towering intellect and used it to create devices that enslaved those not nearly as gifted.   NO I dont believe in personal responsibility for choices when you are up against a monster that found a way to steal our children from us. 

History is filled with the brutal enslavement of populations who didn't have defenses - the Chinese to Opium in the 19th century, Native American to alcohol also in the 19th century, Blacks to heroin in the 20th century.     They were slaughtered and brutally taken advantage of as surely as Hitler committed his horrible crimes.

Steve spent half his time telling me this and the other half telling me how much he hated Bill Gates.   500 years from now history will see what he has done to our precious young much more clearly.

Thank God resistance is starting now from powerful institutions.  It demonstrates the genius of the current Apple strategy that it has taken so long.   They know EXACTLY what their devices do.  Shame on them.

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