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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The hardest part of my business career for the last 51 years.

This will appear to be bitter but the truth is that I have been putting up with this for the last 51 years.  Below read the story of the principle way that most of my competitors obtain their inventory and beat my prices.   Even though I have put 7 people in prison for selling me stolen material this still happens.

This particular event, however, is devastating - the worst theft I have ever heard of with a value in the range of $200,000,000.   

​Devestating. ​

Pittsburgh Area Thefts

Detectives from the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office, located in Pittsburgh PA, are currently investigating the theft of multiple rare books, folios, maps, plates, etc., which occurred over an extended period of time. Many of these items may have stamps or other markings reflecting ownership by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, and would also not likely be marked for deaccession.
A number of these items may have also been sold by or through Pittsburgh area booksellers.        
Detectives are requesting the assistance of ABAA and its members by posting for review the attached list of items identified through their criminal investigation as having been stolen. Should any ABAA member identify having purchased or otherwise having knowledge of the disposition or current location of any of the listed items, detectives request one of the following Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office detectives be contacted:
· Det. Fran Laquatra 
  (412) 388-5305 
· Det. Perann Tansmore                   
  (412) 388-5307                           
  ptansmore@alleghenycountyda.us         `
· Det. Lyle Graber                           
  (412) 388-5316                           
Detectives do not have reason to believe that anyone who might have purchased any of these items was aware that these items had been reported stolen.
Click here to view a PDF list of stolen items, reflecting descriptive information,. i.e., author, title and description. A smaller number of the listed items are portions of items, such as maps, plates or drawings, removed from an otherwise intact item.

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