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Monday, July 30, 2018

July 28th Prices Realized and Auction Success

Dear Friends,

This Saturday marked another successful auction at Arader Galleries!  We are delighted to announce our July sale totaled $1,226,283. The 90 lot sale featured a selection of outstanding material. The Audubon Birds section had highlights of Lot 7, the Ruffed Grous selling for $48,000 Hammer and Lot 9, the Reddish Egret or Purple Heron achieving a total price of $54,900.

A few choice oil paintings were sold and included Lots 54 and 55, two spectacular works by Conrad Wise Chapman of the Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl Mountains in Mexico and Monterrey from the Cerro del Chipinque Valley. They sold for $24,400 and $31,720 respectively. 

Finally the sale rounded out with an excellent offering of antique maps and books. Lot 79, a beautiful manuscript map of Nookta Sound by Quimper sold for $35,380, Lot 82, a 1584 second Latin edition of Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum sold for $97,600, and finally Lot 87 a gorgeous second edition of Gould's Monograph of the Trogonidae sold for $26,840.

Our Next Auction is September 29th, which will be a large sale of choice works including natural history works on paper, antique maps and rare books.

If you have not seen it yet, you are invited to the play of my daughter, Abigail Arader. It is a Broadway musical revival of "Comfort Women: A New Musical." She won the lead role over 1,878 other candidates. There will be performances for all of August and you are invited as my guest.

Hope you can make it.


Graham Arader

Lot Title Premium Price
1 Audubon Aquatint, Greenshank PASS
2 Audubon Aquatint, Velvet Duck PASS
3 Audubon Aquatint, Little Tawny Thrush $2,318
4 Audubon Aquatint, Spotted Grous $15,250
5 Audubon Aquatint, Little Screech Owl $8,540
6 Audubon Aquatint, Baltimore Oriole PASS
7 Audubon Aquatint, Ruffed Grouse $48,800
8 Audubon Aquatint, Ferruginous Thrush PASS
9 Audubon Aquatint, Purple Heron $54,900
10 Audubon Aquatint, Great White Heron $61,000
11 Audubon Aquatint, Barred Owl $14,640
12 Audubon Aquatint, Great Horned Owl $48,800
13 Audubon Lithograph, Jaguar PASS
14 Audubon Lithograph, Silver Fox $17,080
15 Audubon Lithograph, Canada Lynx $11,590
16 Audubon Lithograph, Cougar $8,540
17 Audubon Lithograph, Armadillo $9,150
18 Audubon Lithograph, Grizzly Bear $6,710
19 Audubon Lithograph, Polar Bear $6,710
20 Audubon Lithograph, Long-Tailed Deer PASS
21 Menaboni Watercolor, Mockingbird PASS
22 Menaboni Watercolor, Green-winged Teal $7,930
23 Menaboni Watercolor, Woodpecker PASS
24 Jaques Watercolor, Geese PASS
25 Jaques Watercolor, Green Heron PASS
26 Peterson Watercolor, Vultures $9,760
27 Peterson Watercolor, Condors PASS
28 Peterson Watercolor, Hawks PASS
29 Sandstrom Watercolor, Woodpeckers $4,880
30 Sandstrom Watercolor, Woodpeckers $4,880
31 Sandstrom Watercolor, Woodpeckers $4,880
32 Sandstrom Watercolor, Woodpeckers $4,880
33 Sandstrom Watercolor, Woodpeckers $4,880
34 Sandstrom Watercolor, Woodpeckers $4,880
35 Keuleman Watercolor, Parrott (Kea) PASS
36 Keuleman Watercolor, Parrott (Kaka) PASS
37 Besler Hand Colored Engraving PASS
38 Besler Hand Colored Engraving PASS
39 Besler Hand Colored Engraving PASS
40 Besler Hand Colored Engraving PASS
41 Besler Hand Colored Engraving PASS
42 Besler Hand Colored Engraving PASS
43 Mee Watercolor, Orchid $4,880
44 Mee Watercolor, Airplant PASS
45 Mee Watercolor, Bromeliad PASS
46 Nodder Watercolor, Shells PASS
47 Nodder Watercolor, Shells PASS
48 Nodder Watercolor, Shells PASS
49 Nodder Watercolor, Shells PASS
50 Nodder Watercolor, Shells PASS
51 Nodder Watercolor, Shells PASS
52 Hestenburgh Oil $42,700
53 Hestenburgh Oil $42,700
54 Chapman Oil, Mexico $24,400
55 Chapman Oil, Monterrey $31,720
56 Janssonius Map of American Colonies $2,440
57 Van Keulen Map of New Nederland $12,200
58 Moll Map of American Colonies PASS
59 Mitchell Map of North America, 1755 $201,300
60 Ortelius America Original Copperplate PASS
61 Mercator Map of America PASS
62 Ortelius Map of Pacific Ocean PASS
63 Linschoten Map of South America PASS
64 Ortelius Map of Iceland PASS
65 Blaeu Map of Asia $3,660
66 Blaeu Map of Greece $976
67 Blaeu Map of the World $6,100
68 Manuscript Map of St. Lawrence River, Canada PASS
69 Manuscript Map of France PASS
70 Portolan Map of Indian Coast PASS
71 French Manuscript Map of India PASS
72 Dudley Map of Japan $7,320
73 Dudley Map of Asia $10,370
74 Dudley Map of Bay of Bengal PASS
76 Dudley Map of Papua New Guinea $1,159
75 Dudley Map of the South Pacific PASS
77 Dudley Map of Pacific Central America PASS
78 Manuscript Chart of Vancouver, Canada (Nootka) $35,380
79 Manuscript Chart of Alaska $36,600
80 Origin of Mason Dixon Line $115,900
81 Pitt's English Atlas $122,000
82 Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum $97,600
83 Peron's Account of Australia PASS
84 Jungle Book 1st Ed. Illustrations $17,080
85 Gould Birds of Himalaya, 1st Ed. $21,960
86 Gould Ramphastidae or Toucans, 1st Ed. PASS
87 Gould Trogons, 2nd Ed. $26,840
88 Audubon 1st Ed. Octavo PASS
89 Brookshaw Pamona Britanica, 4to PASS
90 Marguerite De Nevarre, French Poetry PASS

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